Newborn photography | Best time to book a session

Newborn Photography | Best time to book a session

Newborn photography is a beautiful portrait experience that captures the freshness look of a tiny newborn baby. This stage lasts only a few short weeks after a baby is born.

The best time to book your newborn photography session is 2-3 months prior your due date. This will give the photographer time to put you in the schedule and plan your session. Booking near your delivery date or right after can add unnecessary stress and make your experience feel rushed. Your photographer of choice may also be completely booked by the time you call to reserve a session date, another important reason to book ahead of time.

Here are some steps to follow if you are planning on booking a newborn photography session:

  • Halfway through your pregnancy, at around 20 weeks start your search for experienced professional newborn photographers in your area
  • After choosing the right one for you, contact the photographer to schedule a consultation and book your session date
  • Start planning with your photographer the style and what you envision for your session
  • Your delivery date will be marked as your booking reservation tentatively. As soon as your baby is born have a family member contact your photographer
  • Schedule with your photographer the best time within 2 weeks after baby’s birth, the photography session date

Customizing your session:

You want this moment to be remembered in a very special way and planning for it can be a fun thing to do especially when thinking how to decorate the nursery!

Adding beautiful baby portraits to your nursery will add those special finishing touches that will complete the look of your baby’s room. Therefore, during your consultation talk about the colors and textures you would like to incorporate in the nursery decor. Planning with enough time will also help the photographer choose the right props and colors based on your information and preferred style. You may also want to bring a personal meaningful item for your session where your photographer during this time, will make the best efforts to incorporate in the styling of your photos.


newborn portrait

Newborn photography portrait of baby with crown posed in white and pink colors

Newborn photography in a baby nursery as a sample


If you are in Miami or anywhere in south florida and would like more information about a custom photography session with us, please contact me at or give me a call. I’d love to set up a consultation for you!

Visit also my portfolio section for newborns here to see more samples of my work.

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Best expectation for toddler photo session

The best expectation for a toddler photo session is to not have one, especially about how the session will go.

Having your toddler’s portraits taken is exciting, you get to have beautiful artistic imagery from this milestone stage in their life. Experienced photographers know how to set the children at ease and have a good time. For me, once the child steps into the studio I make sure they feel at ease by getting down to their level and talking to them in a soft and playful manner.

Finding out what they like, what makes them smile. I want to make sure the child feels comfortable before having their photos taken with my camera. Forcing children to sit still for too long will lead to forced expressions and tire them. This will also make them less cooperative. Don’t worry if the child is not smiling exactly when you want them to. Talking to them, asking silly questions or even making strange noises will eventually have your child smiling naturally.

With babies and toddlers, some parents usually feel the need to be in a corner trying to grab their attention to make sure their child is smiling to the camera but that just makes them look at you preventing the photographer to have the opportunity to interact with them and get a natural expression that will show the essence and personality of the child. Not putting any pressure prior the session or having specific expectations for your child’s session, will put them at ease resulting in them having a good time.

If you’d like more information about a custom photography session, please email me to or give me a call. I’d love to set up a consultation for you!

Visit also my portfolio section for children here to see more samples of my work.

Two sisters in hugging and sitting on a pink rug

A toddler girl in photo session smiling naturally at camera

A child smiling during a photo session

child close up in photo session smiling with pink background and white hearts

My Style for a Family Session

Family sessions are so much fun. I especially love when a family vacations here in Miami. My first approach to a family session is to get to know them and ask what do they envision for their session. Is there a special occasion? Are they celebrating a birthday? Or do they just need new family portraits in their home? I love to hear what they have in mind and customize it for their liking. We go over styling ideas about what to wear and also even talk about what do they like to do most for fun. All this helps bring out their personality and reflects how much they enjoyed themselves at this special moment in their lives. When it comes to kids, I think is best to tell them this will be like a playdate. I really want them to have fun with their parents and just capture that playfulness, love and connection. My style is very relaxed, casual and fun therefore I make sure that my family is having a good time and enjoying their photo experience. Now that we are in the middle of the holiday season, have you done your family photos yet? Contact me at to schedule yours now!

Darker Colors

Darker Tones in Newborn Photography

Darker rich tones and colors can provide a dramatic look to a photo. In newborn photography these tones can also show an organic feel and looks well displayed anywhere in a home as it blends great with any type of decor.

Newborn baby posed in brown and tan colors

Happy New Year!

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